Edwin McClelland, M.D., San Diego Immunotherapy:

“Examination of live blood using a phase contrast microscope can often reveal the underlying causes for symptoms that cannot be readily explained by strictly conventional medicine. In many cases the causes are very simple.
 By addressing the underlying problems, we can ordinarily improve a patient’s overall health, with a corresponding improvement in the patient’s immune function. This holistic approach helps to make treatments produce faster, deeper and longer-lasting benefits
I have referred my cancer and chronic disease patients to Svetlana and, using her microscopic findings, we have been able to fine-tune therapeutic options to achieve excellent results. I myself get my blood regularly checked by Svetlana.”


What is Blood Cytology? The word cytology means study of the cells. So, blood cytology means study of the cells in the blood.

A drop of blood is taken from your finger and placed on the glass slide under a specialized dark field microscope. A universe of stars and planets will appear on the screen before your eyes. Those are your blood cells, and they are going to tell us stories about your body. How is your digestive system working? Which organs are left undernourished? Do you wake up in the morning feeling already tired? Feeling fatigued all the time? Do you have enough oxygen in the body? Do you have headaches? Other aches and pains? Do you feel depressed? Mood swings? Are you trying to lose weight and not getting results? Is your energy so low that you want to sneak away in the afternoon to take a nap in the car? All these and many more other questions may be answered just by looking at that picture.

Okay, but then what?

If you go to see your doctor, he will probably label you with some condition and prescribe some medications or over-the-counter drugs, and you may start feeling better for some time. But in many cases that will only mask your symptoms making you think that you are well, while leaving the cause to grow and develop into something more serious. Or he will run some lab tests just to tell you that you are fine and “it’s all in your head”. But you don’t think so…

At Blood Cytology, we do not give any labels nor do we use any drugs. We see things in the blood that no other test will recognize, and we then offer suggestions to correct them by using natural and herbal supplements and some nutritional changes. When the symptoms go away, they usually take the diagnosis along with them…